One Room
November 7 - 9, 2019
Tek Box / Cowles Center

I’m excited to be showcasing my work at the Cowles Center / Tek Box during the run of ARENA DANCES’ One Room production. 

One Room is set to Nils Frahm’s experimental, ethereal and contemplative music. Crafted collaboratively with the dancers, the piece is a meditation on a larger social question: how do we come together in one room, face conflict and negotiate, so that we can find strength as one collective voice? 

MN State Fair
August 20 - September 4, 2019

The fine arts department of the Minnesota State Fair presents an annual art exhibition that is the result of a juried competition. Participation is open to all living residents of Minnesota, and each may submit one work for consideration. Only those works selected by the jurors are displayed in the Fine Arts Center during the State Fair. In 2018, a total of 2,620 pieces were submitted, and 344 works were accepted.

Ethelind - 48x40" oil, acrylic, gold leaf on canvas (private collection).

Recipient of MN Figure Study Collaborative Award.
The Other Art Fair - Chicago
May 16 - 19, 2019 / Booth 116

Presented by Saatchi Art, The Other Art Fair showcases work by 120 talented independent artists, each hand picked by a Selection Committee of art world experts. Art lovers can visit the fair with the confidence that they are buying from the very best and most promising emerging and mid-career artists in a unique and immersive experience.
From Fire and Earth
El Paso Museum of History
February 21 - September 22, 2019

This painting is inspired by the geometric patterns and iconic elements found in Casa Grande pottery. Every person is like a vessel that holds a unique blend of individual essence and cultural background. The rhythmic juxtaposition of bold and intricate patterns in this artwork represents how these aspects of our identity intertwine and make us who we are.

Vessel - 24" oil on panel

El Paso Museum of History permanent collection
Solo Exhibition
The Hive
February 12 – May 12, 2019
The Hive Salon proudly presents world-class art by Natalia Berglund.
"All the work presented in this show supports the strong, feminine ethos of both the artist and the salon. Stop in and experience the powerful colors, faces, and gold leaf that makes this artist so incredible." —Katie Garrett, curator
LA Art Show 2019
January 23 - 27, 2019
bG Gallery is excited to present works by Natalia Berglund at the 2019 LA Art Show! Berglund’s latest body of work is inspired by Orthodox iconography and draws parallels between the high drama of ancient Russian icons and contemporary representation of women in the media. Her work is sensual, powerful and unafraid to challenge both Russian and American ideals of what it means to be a woman.

The LA Art Show is the largest, longest running and most comprehensive international art fair on the West Coast.  If you are in Los Angeles for this year’s annual art fair, be sure to stop by bG Gallery booth 701 to meet Natalia and see her art in person. 
Faces of Change
Solo Exhibition
The Museum of Russian Art
August 25 – September 23, 2018
Minneapolis-based artist, Natalia Berglund’s solo exhibition at TMORA, presents a fresh perspective on one of art’s oldest genres. This exhibition attempts to forge links between the past and present by fusing elements of the traditional Russian religious icon with modern glamour and sensual portraiture that is omnipresent in today’s culture.
The exhibition is grouped into thematic sections that create a progression from traditional gilded iconic imagery to contemporary fluid ink paintings.
With each work, Natalia represents her subjects both literally and symbolically.  She captures the precise facial features, but then makes surrealistic background and color choices in order to reveal her subject’s character and inner psyche. Created for contemplation, each image is filled with meaning and visual richness.
The exhibition is accompanied by an original musical soundscape by Minneapolis-based composer (and Natalia’s husband) Alexander Berglund.  These musical textures provide an ambiance for reflection and bring to life the sacred, mysterious and meditative drama of Natalia’s artworks.

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